Saint Dreux at St Collins Lane Centre – Melbourne – expensive Japanese sandwiches but so worth it chicken katsu sando and castella


St Collins Lane Centre doesn’t get much love. Unfortunately most of the restaurants on the upper floor have closed up completely. (Not to mention many of the stores have shut down completely. It’s a shame, because it is such an incredible shopping center.) What remains is the husk of a lavish food court with excellent seating/tables and one or two remaining vendors. Luckily Saint Dreux is one of them and has made it through and seems to be able to continue to serve delicious Japanese style sandwiches.

The menu at Saint Dreux is simple consisting of drinks, such as coffee and Japanese inspired options like yuzu soda for $5 and iced matcha for $7, katsu sando, such as egg, chicken, prawn, pork and beef, from $12, and castella sponges, from original, black sesame, matcha and hojicha, for $7 each.

Although it is a simple menu, I don’t underestimate it. So many people in this food court were enjoying these sandwiches along with their drinks and dessert.

Another great thing is that the food court in St Collins Lane Centre is simply fantastic. If you need some rest and recuperation, where you need some quiet space to recharge both your body and your phone (yes, power points are available), I highly recommend making a stop here.

I ordered their chicken katsu sando for $15. Although it was expensive, I simply did not care. It was the best chicken katsu sando I’ve tasted in Australia! The sando has its crusts cut off, came with a delicious mayonnaise and a super crispy chicken. If you are watching your weight (and want to eat reasonable portions), this would be a perfect, delicious lunch.

Saint Dreux is located within St Collins Lane Centre at Level 2, 260 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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