Eku Noodle at Midcity Centre – Melbourne – a hidden gem noodle house in between Little Bourke and Bourke Street


Man, it’s great when you visit a place for the first time without reading any reviews and it turns out to be great. That was my first impression of Eku Noodle, this humble-looking restaurant within Midcity Centre between Little Bourke Street (Chinatown) and Bourke Street. In fact, after trying their noodles I think it’s a hidden gem. Its noodles, soup and toppings are excellent and comes at an affordable price.

Eku Noodle does both noodles (soup and dry) and dumplings.

I recommend trying either their Signature Eku Noodle for $18.80 or New Eku Noodle for $19.80 which comes with six different smaller bowls with noodles and different toppings. I have to admit that I was blown away by how exciting it was to try each bowl, not quite knowing what each one was but then finding each of them delicious!

I’ve dined in and ordered takeaway a few times. I am always slightly disappointed by the lack of people at this restaurant. It deserves way more than I see each time.

When dining in, I am able to self serve my own tea from a choice of English, jasmine and earl grey tea. (You have to boil the water yourself, but it’s free and I can completely understand given the low staff numbers.)

I ordered Pork Noodle Soup for $14.80 one time when I dined in. The noodle soup was delicious and big in a big bowl. It came with a decent serving of toppings and some healthy additions like pak choy, carrots and spring onions, some tender pork belly slices and an aromatic soup. It was a great experience.

I highly recommend visiting for lunch or dinner. It’s easy to find once you know that it exists.

Eku Noodle is located within Midcity Centre at 206 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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