The Cookie Dough Co at Melbourne Central – Melbourne – delicious New York style cookies are best when warm


This is a unique store that offers New York inspired cookies with cookie dough you can’t get elsewhere. I gave these cookies a go and absolutely agree that it is not like anything that I have tried before. They are so tasty and are best when they are warm!

The Cookie Dough Co in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
The Cookie Dough Co in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre

The main store is located in Northcote, but I’ve seen this store as a pop-up at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (on the same floor as JB Hi-Fi) and they are also selling their cookies at a cafe within DFO South Wharf.

There are a lot of really interesting flavors including Cookie Monster, Red Velvet, Vic Jam Donut, Caramel and Peanut Butter and Lemon Tart. In terms of price, 1 cookie is AUD$6.90, 4 is $25, 6 is $36 and 10 is $59.

What make these cookies so good is the dough. It’s unique and not something I’ve found elsewhere. What’s more, each cookie has filling in its center. It’s a bit of fun tasting the surprise filling. If you can, ask for them to warm it up – it tastes way better warm! I love their Lemon Tart and Caramel cookies thanks to excellent fillings and tasty toppings.

The Cookie Dough Co is located on the same floor as JB Hi-Fi within Melbourne Central Shopping Centre at 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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