Hikaru Sushi at M-City – Clayton, Melbourne – only two options, either $4.5 or $5.5 for a sushi plate


Hikaru Sushi has locations across Melbourne, including at M-City in Clayton and in Springvale. Hikaru Sushi offers a variety of sushi with raw fish being the predominant topping. You can order on the tablet in front of you or you can simply pick up what you like from the conveyor belt. (I found the wagyu beef sushi options weren’t on the conveyor so I ordered off the tablet.)

You have the choice of either $4.50 plates which are any color plate (other than black) and then the premium $5.50 plates (black plates). It seems that not all plates are equal as same represent more value than others, particularly some of the premium plates with multiple toppings and sauces.

The plates usually come with two rolls or three smaller rolls. Other than sushi, you can also get takoyaki, spring rolls, qyoza and seaweed salad.

There is soy sauce at each station and you can help yourself to sachets of pickled ginger and wasabi.

The plates do start to add up if you are not careful, so watch out. Four plates already come to ~$20. (I just wish there were cheaper options as well as $4.50 is quite steep for some of the more basic offerings.)

Hikaru Sushi is located in the upper food court at M-City Shopping Centre which is located at 2125 Princes Highway, Clayton VIC 3168:

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