Hopetoun Tea Rooms – Melbourne – check out their incredible display of cakes in the Block Arcade


Within the Block Arcade is a long established Hopetoun Tea Rooms. The cake shop is known for its magnificent display of cakes and high tea. You can even just do cake and coffee if you prefer.

Cake display of Hopetoun Tea Rooms within the Block Arcade
Cake display of Hopetoun Tea Rooms within the Block Arcade

It was busy on the day we visited, we sat in the walkway within the Block Arcade. On being seated, we were served water with a slice of orange. While it was odd to sit in the same area as the walkway, it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

We sat down for their Raspberry Pistachio cake which came served with jam and cream for $12. We also picked up their Sunset Rise juice for $8. The cake had a tasty raspberry mousse, while the base was made up of crushed pistachios. The juice was full of pleasant mango and banana flavors.

If you are interested Hopetoun Tea Rooms offer high tea for AUD$65 per person. And soon, they will be opening a new outlet which more space not too far from the Block Arcade.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms is located within the Block Arcade at 282 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000:

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