Empanadas Las Penas – Noble Park, Melbourne – really tasty South American bakery in Melbourne’s south east


Hidden in the neighborhood of Noble Park is this awesome South American bakery serving empanadas and other South American delicacies. A friend introduced me to their empanadas and I was engrossed in the delicious crispy pastry and exciting fillings.

Empanadas Las Penas' menu
Empanadas Las Penas’ menu

Empanadas Las Penas’ menu offers a bunch of fried or oven empanadas. You have to try both options. On the day, it seemed that only the beef option was the only oven option but this changes from time to time. The cost of each empanada ranges from AUD$2 to $6 and I see no reason why not to purchase several in one sitting.

The actual bakery is small, selling empanadas, pasties and other South American grocery items. When I placed my order, I decided to wait outside the bakery while my empanadas were being cooked. (It was about 8 minutes.)

Empanadas Las Penas pasties and other goods
Empanadas Las Penas pasties and other goods

I added a coffee scroll to the mix for $3.

The empanadas were delicious. On the day, I ordered their Cheese and Chorizo for $4, Chucky Beef and Gravy for $4 and Seafood variants for $5. I really enjoyed the amount of filling and texture in both the Cheese and Chorizo and Chucky Beef and Gravy. I had tried their oven variant on my first occasion and highly recommend them as they have a different texture.

All in all, I consider Empanadas Las Penas to be a hidden gem in Noble Park away from the busy main street near the station offering delicious, affordable pastries.

Empanadas Las Penas' empanadas and coffee scroll
Empanadas Las Penas’ empanadas and coffee scroll

Empanadas Las Penas is located at 40 Alfred Street, Noble Park VIC 3174:

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