Getting your mobile phone sim card at Changi Airport – Singapore


For Australians, who wants to pay $10 a day for 500 MB of roaming data? It’s expensive and not worth it. While it may seen like a hassle to have to change your sim card and get a temporary new number, the cost and the ability to get lots of data is worth the inconvenience (and it’s not that inconvenient at all).

In fact, you can pre-order a S$15 hi! sim card on Singtel’s website. You get 7 days of use of some standard features like calls and data, but most importantly you get over and above the 7 days of standard features is the amazing 100 GB for 28 days for use within Singapore. The data is far more useful than the ability to make calls thanks to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. (If you have WhatsApp, you don’t use anything because your account is tied to your usual mobile number so you can still have people arrange to call you via the app.)

On arrival at Terminal 3 Arrival Gate, we headed to the Travelex counter just immediately outside the Arrival Gate. We had our receipts ready and it was a simple transaction where I provided the receipt and our passport. They provided pins at the counter for us to change our sim cards over. 5 minutes of inconvenience and we were ready and live with fast internet access.

If you don’t pre-order, you can pretty much pick from a variety of sim card packages starting from $15. The image above shows some of the packages, plus their inclusions and prices.

Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Travelex (just outside the Arrival Gate) is where you can purchase your pre-paid sim cards:

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