Sunnyside Sliced – Mentone, Melbourne – outside Mentone train station is an American pizza restaurant


New York pizza can be found in Mentone in Melbourne’s southeast. When compared to another similar New York pizza joint, Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza, it comes off worse because the pizza slices offer less toppings, are slightly smaller (even though they are meant to the same size) and are more expensive – but at least their Garlic and Cheese Rolls and Sicilian Pan slices are a big winner.

The pizza joint has a small area for seating in its front section, but more seating in its rear. If you prefer, you can dine on the benchtop while watching the cooks needle the pizza dough and watching the pizzas cook.

The menu is pretty standard fare with pizza, pasta, sides and some sandwich subs. The main menu items are the pizza slices which came in red base, white base (stone baked pizza pies) and Sicilian Pan (deep dish pie). I ordered their Red Hella Honey and Mushroom for $7-8 each and their Sicilian Pan Pepperoni Prince for $9 each. I also added their Garlic and Cheese Roll for $7 which was a long bread roll with garlic butter and stretchy cheese and their Moms Spaghetti for $22.

You can either order on their website via the QR code on the table or via table service. The QR code method adds an extra service fee on top of your order which makes it less desirable to use. It’s also worth noting that there is a surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For the pizzas, I enjoyed the flavors on the Red Hella Honey and Mushroom. The Hella Honey was sticky and you could taste the honey flavor. But my absolute favorite was their Sicilian Pan Pepperoni Prince which had a thick crust and a really delicious thick pepperoni pieces on top. It was really delicious and highly recommend it. The other highlight was their Garlic and Cheese Roll which was hearty and soft plus very satisfying.

The big let down was the expensive Moms Spaghetti. It had some mince, tomato sauce and one or two small 1 cm cubes of carrot but otherwise it was very underwhelming boiled, packet spaghetti without much to mention. I completely understand why pasta joints charge so much for such a cheap dish to make, but this was not cool – expensive and underwhelming. This dish just adds to that argument that Asian noodles are tastier and more affordable than bland and expensive European (or actually American) pasta.

The staff were great and otherwise had great service on the day.

Sunnyside Sliced is located at 34 Como Parade West, Mentone VIC 3194:

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