LeTAO Australia – Melbourne – the famed soft soufflé Hokkaido cheesecake from Japan makes several debuts in Melbourne


Hailing from Otaru, Hokkaido is LeTAO and its famed soufflé cheesecake, the Double Fromage cheesecake. LeTAO originally started in the 90s and has slowly made it’s journey to various parts of the globe. There are now several stores around Melbourne doing both pick up and delivery.

In its first week of opening, there were long queues of people salivating for a chance to taste the new cheesecakes, particularly their original, soufflé Double Fromage cheesecake.

For the Double Fromage cheesecake, LeTAO uses special fresh cream made from raw cow’s milk sourced from Hokkaido. Hokkaido milk itself is said to be rich in flavor and texture. These important features are important in being able to create that special sweetness in these cheesecakes. The reason the milk is able to achieve these features is because the cows themselves are allowed to grow up freely and stress-free under the loving care of their dairy farmers. LeTAO take great pride in their cows and hail them as the key to their success.

The Double Fromage cheesecake for AUD$40.99 has two lawyers, one is the baked cheese layer, which has a firm and rich taste, and the other is a rare cheese layer, which brings out the milkiness, melt together in your mouth texture. Along with the cheesecakes are tarts for $37.99 (large) or $6.99 (small), milk biscuits for $19.99 and ice-cream for $13.99 (sundae) or $6.99 (soft-serve).

During their opening week, they were offering all customers a free small start (or Mini Venezia Rendez-vous) for every $50 spend.

It’s also worth asking to taste test of the specials they have at the counter. On the day, they had their pumpkin cheesecake which was really nice.

When you purchase the cheesecake they will ask whether you want to eat it right away or take it home. If you take it home, you will be given a cake that has been frozen. You will need to let the cake thaw before eating it to ensure you taste the best version of it.

I really enjoyed the Double Fromage with its two different layers. I had it when it was just thawed and again when it thawed more. The just thawed version had an ice-cream texture, which was great in hot weather, and the room temperature one was more melt in the mouth cheesy goodness. I was also fortunate enough to try their mini tart and their biscuit which I also thought was excellent.

Although the items are quite pricey, I felt the taste and texture matched the price.

One of LeTAO Australia’s location can be found in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD at 238 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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