VIP Kitchen or Yip Kitchen – Springvale, Melbourne – their soft shell crab noodle soup is really popular and a must try


Whether this restaurant is called VIP Kitchen or Yip Kitchen is anyone’s guess. The stylistic V or Y in its signage is hard to decipher. It can be spotted along Springvale Road with neon lights saying open and is iconic for its plentiful red stickers/banners. While the restaurant is far from the central business district, it’s one of those gems worth visiting because it serves the incredible Soft Shell Crab Noodle Soup.

Is it VIP Kitchen or Yip Kitchen?

The Soft Shell Crab Noodle Soup is an absolute must try. Many patrons will usually just order this dish. The bowl comes with deep fried soft shell crab on top of a delicious bowl of udon noodles, soup that has two layers a thick, tasty crab flavor and another based on pork, and really nice condiments like sliced pork and fish cake. Their Soft Shell Crab Noodle Soup is AUD$19 (but used to be a lot cheaper) and is worth the experience.

The restaurant can cater for families because it offers plenty of other Chinese or Vietnamese dishes and roast meats.

The restaurant can be accessed from its rear or front doors. The restaurant décor is quite shabby and unloved, and is very typical of Asian restaurants where owners put a focus on food quality over aesthetics. And also, the restaurant does have several large tables for larger gatherings.

VIP Kitchen or Yip Kitchen is located at 2/310 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171:

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