Yoon’s Kitchen – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – try their Korean style soups


Parking in Glen Waverley can be pretty difficult if you come after 6:00 pm on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but if you know where to look you’ll be fine. Hint, best place to park your car is near Glen Waverley Station if you can’t find parking in the multi-level car park or in the central carpark along Springvale Road. If you park along Railway Parade North it is much easier to reach Yoon’s Kitchen. Yoon’s Kitchen is a recent 2022 addition to Glen Waverley and it is one of several restaurants of the same name serving Korean dishes. The other locations include Melbourne’s CBD and Box Hill.

Yoon’s Kitchen is known for its soups, in particular its spicy beef soups. You can go for the smaller serving that can satisfy two people or the much larger hot pot for four people.

On the day, we opted for their Signature Spicy Beef Soup for AUD$26. This came with a bowl of rice and two kinds of spicy kimchi. The soup was exquisite and was unique. It came with really delicious (and not dry) beef tripe and flank plus blood jelly and a range of vegetables. (I thought the bowl of rice was a tad small and wished they provided more.)

We also ordered their Korean sausage and rice cake for $11.90. The pork sausage reminded me of Costco’s version but distinctly different and excellent pork texture. The rice cakes were great too. We also ordered their Beef Bulgogi Japchae for $18.90 and it was pretty tasty as well with lots of noodle under the decent serving of beef.

Our total bill took us to over AUD$55, and we were definitely satisfied and full after eating everything.

We noticed that the menu had all the typical Korean restaurant favorites like fried chicken, bibimbap and hot pot. We noticed the Yuringi, which is fried chicken with fresh garlic, chili and spring onion, being pretty popular with customers. It’s a huge serving of fried chicken. We noticed the table next to us of two just feasting on it with satisfaction. Another table had ordered the hot pot and it was a huge serving of soup and ingredients. It looked so good and it managed to bring people together in a moment of silence.

The restaurant’s interior is nice and there is even an upstairs dining area. The tables are the typical Korean ones where cutlery and tissues are found in a draw under the table (we looked confused at first until we realised). The servers tend to ignore you unless you get their attention and orders are done using the QR code.

Yoon’s Kitchen is located at 29 Railway Parade North, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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